“ODESEM” Ltd. provides the following services: – Designing of security equipment for nuclear facilities, nuclear materials, nuclear wastes, other sources of ionizing radiation; – Installation, set-up, maintenance, repairs of security equipment for nuclear facilities, nuclear materials, nuclear waste, other ionizing radiation sources; – Designing, installation, and servicing of automatic fire safety systems and security alarms. Since 1997 “ODESEM” Ltd. has accumulated extensive experience in providing services in this sphere. “ODESEM” Ltd. has the entire necessary material-and-technical base and qualified specialists with great experience and necessary training. The Company provides professional personnel training on continuous basis. The Management of “ODESEM” Ltd. is a group of qualified experts possessing deep knowledge of their business and successfully applying it in practice. “ODESEM” Ltd. has its own security department, responsible for confidential materials and information connected with the state secret. The department operates in the sphere of granting permissions to the personnel for working with classified materials. The company personnel consists of highly qualified specialists with relevant education who continuously improve their professional level at various courses, trainings and seminars. The main objective of “ODESEM” Ltd. in course of operation is quality performance of tasks it gets. The company has good references concerning services provision. In course of its operation the Company has carried out a series of development works for upgrading and reconstruction of physical protection systems and security equipment at the sites directly related to the nuclear industry of Ukraine. “ODESEM” Ltd. possesses sufficient experience and expertise and is ready to cooperate with customers and partners in installation of hi-tech equipment for protection of intellectual rights, property rights, equipment and citizens.