Field Tents and Shelters Covered with Flexible Solar Panels

Solar Shelter - ODESEMODESEM Ltd. now offers an environmentally friendly method of powering your mobile application by using solar technology. Our self-sustaining expeditionary power solutions free up operations from the burdens of the fossil-fuel power grid. This system significantly reduces dependence on fuel and the costs associated with it. The solar power solution is available for shelters and provides custom solar panels that clip directly to the shelter roof. The Expandable Solar Array panels can be linked together in 5-foot wide sections. Connectivity is simple, and easy-to-read displays allow setup personnel to plug it in, turn it on and power up in a short span of time.

Other features of the system include:

  • Auxiliary solar/wind/hydro generator input for additional power sources
  • May be connected to 24-volt military vehicles via an optional 20-foot NATO cable
  • Ruggedized inverter includes transformer for true sine-wave generation for sensitive equipment
  • Expandable battery packs (EBPs) may be ganged together to increase power capacity
  • Balance of system (BOS) unit regulates power coming in, power to the batteries and power to the load


  • Solar shade w/ integral PV power, reduces solar load 80% – 90%
  • Small version provides 1 KW of PV power
  • Designed to fit over: MGPTS small, 16’ TEMPER
  • Medium version provides 2 KW of PV power
  • Designed to fit over MGPTS medium, 24’ TEMPER
  • Modular expandability