Railway Diagnostic Testing Complexes

The automated diagnostic complex for monitoring of technical objects condition of a railway infrastructure

The complex is intended for the monitoring of technical objects condition of a railway infrastructure, an overhead contact system, automatics and communication.

ODESEM Railway Complex The prominent feature of a complex is that each of its two cars-laboratories can work independently, under the schedule. It distinguishes that from analogues. If necessary, cars-laboratories easily unite in a uniform complex for carrying out of an all-round estimation of a railway infrastructure condition – the firmware is automatically configured for the decision of complex problems.

The diagnostic complex is capable to work in all range of climatic conditions of various countries. The complex is initially integrated in information field of traffic safety operating system, which based on track-measurement cars, and only supplements and expands its possibilities.

The complex allows to measure and estimate over 120 various parameters of infrastructure objects. Thus, along with the traditional parameters, which are subject to the operative control, the new systems are realized. It essentially expands a spectrum of diagnostics. The complex is simultaneously capable to carry out functions of certification, the periodic and operative monitoring of infrastructure technical objects. Thus, the uniform synchronized information database is formed on board, with results of the monitoring and aprioristic data on each object.

The complex provides the automated monitoring of rail track geometry and also parameters of rails: short irregularities on a roll surface with delivery of recommendations about polishing, parameters of transverse cross-sections of rails (including canting value, wears of rails head) and parameters of joint gaps.

Outlines of a ballast prism and an earthen cloth are supervised on a complex. It is provided their under – surface control by a method of a high-efficiency georadar-location. There is a monitoring of dimensions of bridges, tunnels and approach of structures, intertrack distance and longitudinal profile of a way. Smoothness of a course on accelerations on axle boxes and car body is simultaneously estimated.

Video observation and video control systems, equipped in complex cars, allow to fix a rails condition in the course of journey, elements of an overhead contact system, crossings, bridges, embankments, ways in whole and territory adjoining to it with a binding to railway co-ordinate and to all other measuring information.
Complex systems provide the monitoring of a contact wire position on height and in the plan (till 4 wires simultaneously!), both under current collector loading, and without loading. The monitoring of departing branches, pressure of an overhead contact system and many other things is conducted. There is thermovision control of an overhead contact system condition, the control of distance from a centre line of a track to overhead contact system support, and the control of distance from a contact wire to a core of the basic clamp.

The complex also carries out the monitoring and diagnostics of track devices, systems, parameters of radio communication systems and data transmission on a radio channel.

Along with independent functions, satellite navigation (GPS) is used for maintenance of the full automated co-ordinate binding of a complex. The complex is equipped by the uniform information network and systems of remote data transmission.

There are zones of accompanying persons on complex cars, equipped with the demonstration multimedia systems. It allows supervising work of all measurement and estimate systems, each workplace, including video observation systems of both cars from any car.

The most important thing, that it is served by the minimum structure of crew at such functional saturation of a complex. It is provided by the high degree of automation, in data acquisition, processing and estimation mode. Dangerous deviations are transferred to land services immediately on a radio channel with the aid of remote data transmission subsystem.

The comfortable conditions for life and effective work of crew, during uneasy conditions of constant traveling, on the complex are created. There are cars household zones on complex: the kitchen-dining rooms equipped with a full set of necessary home appliances, convenient sleeping compartments with furniture and toilet rooms with shower.

Our diagnostic complex can serve for inspection of a condition of railway infrastructure technical facilities by the senior managers during annual inspections.